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Axkid Nextkid: The Safe, Adaptable, and Comfortable High Back Booster Seat

Introducing the Axkid Nextkid in Shell Black, a high back booster seat designed to prioritise your child's safety. With its four-step expanding side wings, adjustable headrest, and soft premium textile, the Axkid Nextkid provides a secure and comfortable seating experience for children from 100cm to 150cm, spanning approximately 4 to 12 years of age.

Designed with Safety in Mind

Safety is at the forefront of the Axkid Nextkid's design. It meets the strict R129 regulation, ensuring compliance with the latest safety standards. This booster seat provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your child is traveling in one of the safest highback booster seats on the market.

Designed in Sweden, the Axkid Nextkid reflects Swedish precision and attention to detail. Its compact design allows for the installation of three seats in a row in vehicles with 3 designated i-size locations, making it a practical choice for families with multiple children. Furthermore, the expandable side wings create additional space when needed, accommodating your child's growth.

Adaptable to Your Child and Your Car

The Axkid Nextkid offers exceptional adaptability to suit your child's needs and your car's requirements. Its unique four-step expanding side wings and adjustable headrest ensure a perfect fit as your child grows. The headrest and side wings can be adjusted independently, making it easy to tailor the seat to your child's specific needs. This flexibility also enables seamless accommodation of other passengers or car seats in your vehicle.

Quick and Secure Installation

Installing the Axkid Nextkid booster seat is a breeze, thanks to its secure ISOFIX system. The ISOFIX arms automatically fold out, simplifying the installation process. Within seconds, you can secure the seat with confidence, knowing that it remains stable and secure throughout the journey.

Ensuring your child's safety is effortless with the Axkid Nextkid. Its belt routing system keeps the seat belt properly positioned, particularly the hip belt, which ensures correct placement on your child's pelvis. The built-in belt guide further assists in properly positioning the seat belt, preventing it from slipping off the shoulder or digging into the neck. With these safety features, you can trust that your child is protected and comfortable during every car ride.

Comfortable for Every Adventure

The Axkid Nextkid not only prioritises safety but also provides exceptional comfort for your child. The high-quality premium textile used in the booster seat offers a soft and luxurious feel. Additionally, the ventilation details integrated into the textile and shell structure ensure that your child remains cool and comfortable, even on the longest journeys.

With the Sleep Well System, you have the flexibility to adjust the seat's angle, allowing your child to find the perfect position for optimal comfort. Whether they're taking a nap or enjoying the ride, the Axkid Nextkid ensures that your child feels relaxed and supported throughout the journey.


Axkid Nextkid Key Features:

Quick & easy ISOFIX installation

Sleep Well system

Adjustable headrest in 8 positions

Expandable side-wings

Flexible back-angle for optimal fit

Approved according to latest R129 regulation

Belt guide to ensure a secure fit

Soft premium textile

Optimised design for growing children


Installation: Isofix with Seat belt

Height suitability: 100 - 150cm

4-12 year Approximately

Safety certification: ECE R129/i-size

Axkid Nextkid



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