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This is Axkid Movekid

Extended Rear-Facing up to 36 kg (125 cm)

Protect your little one on every trip with the Movekid’s extended rear-facing capability up to 36 kg (125 cm)—our commitment to enhanced safety and always following the recommended safety standards.

Affordable Excellence – Movekid goes beyond expectations, providing an option that does not compromise on our rigorous safety standards. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality of protection, accessible to everyone.

Swedish Plus Tested – With the Swedish Plus Test seal, Movekid ensures the utmost safety for your family. It has successfully undergone one of the most rigorous safety tests, prioritising your child’s well-being.

Extra Inlay included – Focused on the smallest passengers from 61cm (6-9 months), Axkid Movekid features a snug insert that ensures your little one is positioned correctly. The insert is removable creating an easy transition for your child’s next stage of development.

Designed for growing children – The Axkid Movekid is a simple, yet versatile car seat equipped with a 13-position headrest, ensuring comfort throughout every stage of your child’s growth. Designed with careful consideration, it provides ample legroom and a comfortable seating position for your little one.

Compact and sleek design – The Axkid Movekid has all the safety features of an Axkid car seat, and yet compact enough to fit across various car models, prioritising space and simplicity.

Let us till you a little bit more about the Axkid Movekid

The Axkid Movekid is a compact car seat with exceptional safety and practical needs that helps the everyday life of parenting come together, designed to fit seamlessly into every journey, big or small. It is created with the safety standard R129 and has a recommended use up to 125 cm or 36 kg. Axkid Movekid has passed the Swedish Plus Test making it yet another outstanding Axkid safety car seat for your child.

Adaptable Comfort for Growing Children

Embark on the journey of the Axkid Movekid’s considerate evolution. Witness your child’s development as this car seat seamlessly accommodates them, starting at around 6-9 months old and extending through to around 6-7 years. Boasting a snug insert and a headrest with 13 adjustable positions, all within a design that is both compact and spacious, it redefines the standard car seat. The Movekid offers enduring comfort and safety, adapting to each new stage of your child’s growth.

True extended rear-facing

The Axkid Movekid excels in providing extended rear-facing safety for children up to 125 cm or 36kg. Riding rear facing offers up to five times the protection for a child’s delicate neck and spine during collisions. With the ability to accommodate various growth stages, the Movekid makes certain that all children can enjoy this elevated safety standard for a longer, secure, rear-facing travel experience, ensuring individual care for every precious passenger.

Affordable Excellence and safety

Built on the solid and respected Minikid platform, the Movekid offers a compact car seat solution that doesn’t compromise safety. It follows the award-winning qualities of its predecessor, combining Axkid’s trusted excellence with the practical affordability families appreciate.

Axkid Movekid