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0-17,5 kg

67-105 cm


  • RWF- Rear Way Facing

  • system of ventilation ducts

  • Swedish Plus Tested and the newest safety standards

  • adjustment of the headrest and belts

  • additional bumper


You are definitely looking for the highest protection for your one-year-old baby - we understand that. Aerofix RWF was created so that the Little Explorer could comfortably move to the next stage of travel in a seat that will provide him with the best protection. Our car seat has passed the rigorous Swedish Plus Test. It has the latest European safety standards EC-R129 and i-Size. All that defines the highest protection in potential frontal and side impacts.


We want the Little Traveler to be able to discover the world from a place that will provide them with maximum protection. Aerofix RWF provides the child with the most recommended way of a travelling until the age of 4. Memory Foam, an additional bumper or a unique structure increase the child's protection against possible hazards that may appear on the road.



  • an additional bumper increases safety in side impacts


  • memory foam able to absorb the impact force


  • headrest, seat belt and tilt adjustment

Avionaut Aerofix RWF