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Introducing the new SKY 2.0 with

improved fabrics, and colour coordinated infant inserts.




0-25 kg

40-125 cm


Test Plus and the newest safety standards

adjustable head rest

travelling backwards up to 6 years of age

modular insert which offers great adaptable support


The Avionaut Sky is approved from Birth to approx 6 years (40 cm to 125 cm).


Avionaut Sky is a rearward-facing only car seat. This offers a maximum level of safety and is 5 times safer than travelling forward-facing.


Labelled belt routing points make installation easy and quick.

Avionaut Sky is designed and manufactured according to the highest of quality standards and it also meets the rigorous requirements of the Swedish Plus Test (toughest car seat test in the World).


It's features include:

Side protection system

Easy removal of the covers for washing

Ventilated shell

Five Point harness complete with pads on the chest and thighs

Rearward facing only

Intended for children from birth to approx 6 years (0-25kg. 40cms-125cms)

Easily adjustable headrest

Large seat tilt prevents the head from dropping down during the journey

Additional plush insert for infants, developed in cooperation with children's physiotherapists

Smooth adjustment of the height and length of the harness together with the headrest makes it easy to adjust the seat to the current height of the child

Avionaut Sky 2.0